Egypt and Sudan have signed a military cooperation agreement that will see both countries enhancing their defense capabilities through joint training programs, sharing military intelligence, and increasing military cooperation. The agreement was signed during a visit by the Egyptian Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Farid Hegazy, to Sudan’s capital, Khartoum.

The bilateral cooperation agreement is expected to strengthen the military ties between the two countries. The agreement comes at a time of growing regional instability, with the ongoing conflict in neighboring Libya and the tensions that have emerged between Ethiopia and Sudan over the Gerda3 Dam project. The Sudanese Minister of Defense, Lt. Gen. Jamal Omar, highlighted the importance of the agreement, describing it as a “historic and strategic step that opens new avenues for cooperation.”

According to reports, the agreement will focus on cooperation in areas such as military training, joint military exercises, and the exchange of military delegations. Egypt is an established regional power and one of the largest military powers in Africa. Sudan, on the other hand, has a large army but has in the past lacked the necessary resources to modernize its military.

The agreement is also expected to have economic benefits for both countries. The two countries have previously cooperated on infrastructure projects such as the railroad linking Khartoum to Port Sudan. The new agreement is expected to boost the overall economic ties between the two countries and increase the flow of goods and services between them.

The agreement between Egypt and Sudan comes at a time when both countries are facing increased external pressure. Egypt is dealing with a growing terrorist threat while Sudan is grappling with a number of internal conflicts and economic challenges. The military cooperation agreement is seen as a strategic move by both countries to counter these challenges and strengthen their overall security.

In conclusion, the military cooperation agreement between Egypt and Sudan is expected to bolster the defense capabilities of both countries and contribute to the stability of the region. The agreement is also expected to have economic benefits for both countries by increasing trade ties and boosting infrastructure projects. With external pressure mounting on both countries, this agreement is a step towards greater security in the region.